Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide has been around since the 1950’s, and have undergone dramatic changes since then. Now, six decades later, and with immeasurable advances in technology, laminate benchtops are available in a vast range of designs and finishes, to suit not only the kitchen but also the bathroom and laundry. These benchtops are extremely hard wearing and extremely durable. Primarily, the material is made from a combination of kraft paper, melamine, resins and high-quality print paper, where the image or surface finish is printed on. These are layered and fused together under heat & pressure to produce Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide. The finished products are available in a wide range of surface textures to suit every taste and decor; from glossy to satin, matt or textured. When you hear the term ‘kitchen laminate’ used in conjunction with benchtops, you should consider this an outdated material for such an application. The truth is that homeowners have a wide assortment of colors and patterns from which to select today in this category of benchtops. We are here to present the Advantages & Disadvantages of laminate for your kitchen benchtops in this article.

Laminate Marble Benchtops Adelaide

Following are the advantages of Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide

  • Hard wearing and practical
  • Extremely cost-effective, a popular choice for budget-conscious renovators
  • Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes, including wood grains and stone patterns
  • Easy to maintain; scratch and stain resistant
  • Suitable for the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom
  • Available in round and square edge profiles
  • Supported by excellent manufacturer’s warranty

Maintenance and Durability Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide

The beauty of laminate is in its easy maintenance and long life. Known for lasting a long time if cared for properly, the laminate is resistant to scratches, moisture, and extremely high temperatures, as well as being extremely easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth for in spillover and an all-purpose cleaner for hardy messes. Following practice can elongate the life of benchtop.

  • Always use a chopping board when cutting with a sharp knife. Otherwise, it will cut the surface of your laminate benchtops, and this cannot be repaired.

  • Always use a surface protector or trivet for hot saucepans or dishes. Placing these items directly onto kitchen laminate benchtops will cause the material to blister & break.

  • Regular cleaning with warm soapy water is all that’s required to remove stains and spills.

Aesthetics of Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide

Another great thing about laminate is that it imitates almost all other material! With different textures from rough like a stone to the soft touch of glass and the possibility to choose any color that you could think, the laminate can easily look like stone, timber or slate, glass,  making it extremely versatile. If you want an expensive looking benchtop but can’t afford a material like natural stone, the laminate can give you a similar feel and appearance at a fraction of the price of natural stones benchtops.

Features of Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide

Low-Cost Benchtop Option – Of all the materials for benchtops ranging from laminates to natural stone like Countertops Kitchen Quartz in Adelaide, lamination costs the least to install in your kitchen. When you are renovating or constructing on a tight budget, this is the right choice for your home. It’s at least one-tenth of the price. However, in comparison to real stone, the laminate is also more prone to cuts, scratches and heat marks (which can’t be repaired). It’s very tough if you drop something heavy on it, is stain-resistant and easy to clean (just wipe it down and don’t use abrasive cleaners). It’s also light-weight, making installation much quicker and easier. Make sure you choose ‘post-formed’ laminate – this means the laminate wraps around the edges of your bench top, avoiding cheap-looking joins and any chance of peeling.

Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide Is Lightweight – Since this laminate is lightweight in nature, it does not require extra bracing, and workmen have an easy time maneuvering it into place. All of these results in a lower installation cost.

Comes in a Wide Assortment of Colors and Patterns – You can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns. Solid shades such as bright white, antique white, gray, black, tan, wine and other shades are available along with a large assortment of patterns, including simulated wood or stone in various shades.

Complements All Decor Styles – Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide blends with all decor styles, from modern to traditional. Just select the color and pattern that best complement your cabinetry, flooring and overall color scheme of the kitchen.

Disadvantages of Kitchen Laminate

Damages Easily – In comparison to sturdier benchtop materials like natural stone and stainless steel, laminate damages easily. This means that you should be careful with hot pots and pans, knives and other kitchen utensils with it to protect it from scorching, melting or scratching. Over the years, you may need to replace laminate benchtops more times than those of other materials.

Our experience with Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide taught us three valuable lessons that we want to share.

  • Laminate countertops tend to cost about a quarter of the cost of natural stone countertops.
  • When you have a lot of kitchen countertop space to be covered, cost becomes an even more pressing issue. Chelsea had 55 square feet that she needed to cover.
  • Keep your kitchen remodel, including your choice of counters, in line with your neighborhood. Otherwise, you might tank your home’s resale value.

Value perception is your biggest thing to watch out with Laminate Marble Benchtops in Adelaide. It’s widely known that laminate bench tops are inexpensive and, let’s be real they don’t look or feel like a real stone in the flesh. So don’t kid yourself into thinking you’ll be fooling anyone, having said that laminate is a great choice for budgetary installations. For further facts about the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen laminate, consult JAD’s Kitchens. We will discuss with you how to use your kitchen and guide you to the correct material for benchtops even if the laminate is not suitable. We deal in granite benchtops Adelaide apart from Creative Marble Benchtops in Adelaide. The choice is yours ultimately since we understand that you may have budgetary concerns to consider while decision.