Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide is a variation of quartz – one of the most durable materials available in the world. The product flaunts many advantages that are made possible through an intense manufacturing process explained below. To reach its final state, there is a manufacturing process Caesarstone must first endure. This manufacturing process ensures “Caesarstone surfaces meet exacting standards of excellence from the initial procurement of raw materials to the final quality control check.” It begins when highly-skilled and trained staff inspects the raw materials coming into the manufacturing facility. By adding in step during the initial phases, quality of the product can always be ensured. From here the manufacturing process proceeds as follows:

  • Feeding and Mixing of Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide – As mentioned above, the raw materials – quartz, pigments, and polymers are carefully selected and tested by highly skilled and trained staff. Once they have passed initial inspections, the raw materials are blended “at a ratio of up to 93% natural quartz that aggregates with pigments & polymer resins.”

  • Moulding and Pressing – After being selected, tested, and blended, “the mixture is poured into a mould and formed into the slab of various sizes. “It is compressed under high pressure (nearly 100 tons psi) and vibrated in a vacuum. This removes all the air and creates a compressed surface.”

  • Polishing – After curing, the slabs are measured and calibrated apart from being polishing, available in different colours and designs.

  • Quality Testing – To ensure every Caesarstone slab is up to its colour, hue and consistency standards, it must go through intense quality testing, like the testing done in initial phases to ensure product quality.

  • Tagging – is the last step that Caesarstone tiles must go through before reaching the consumer. All slabs must be labelled, sorted, and tagged to ensure that they are properly distributed and reach customers in “perfect condition.” Because Caesarstone is manufactured in such a methodical method, its quality remains unmatched in the industry.

Some of Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide take a lot of punishment in your home for which it makes sense that most homeowners prefer to install a high-quality product that will last long. Caesarstone is manufactured from 93% quartz aggregate that continues to be a popular choice in the new kitchen or bathroom design. Following are the benefits of Caesarstone benchtops in a kitchen.

Best Caesarstone Benchtops Adelaide

The durability of Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide

Caesarstone is specially manufactured to stand up to whatever conditions you throw at it and is resistant to heat, chemicals, mildew, cracks, chips, scratches, and all other related things that irritate us. It has a higher impact resistance compared to other materials that mean dropping the items on it is less likely to result in damage, and it’s non-porous, so stains don’t soak them into the surface. A combination of all these factors makes very durable.

Colour Combinations available with Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide

Matching the colour of your benchtops with the rest of the kitchen is easy with due to the wide range of colour choices available. There are numerous styles that you can choose from so that you can find the perfect option to suit your kitchen design. With new colours being released each year, you’re spoilt for choice. Caesarstone is also meant to be consistent with various colours for which you can be confident of your benchtop being the exact match to your colour choice.

Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide are easily repaired

If you do not manage to chip your Caesarstone benchtop, you don’t need to be panic. The beauty of Caesarstone is that it’s easy to repair and you need to contact your local Caesarstone office who can recommend a service provider to repair the damage. This means that your benchtop can be restored to its glory quickly with ease.

Versatile applications of Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide

Depending on the needs of your kitchen, Caesarstone benchtops come in a range of different thicknesses, and they are easy to be installed, which means minimal labour is involved. Caesarstone can be applied for various reasons in the kitchen, including standard benchtops, splashbacks, feature wall panels and island benches which make it a versatile material.

Following are the benefits of Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide bathrooms.

It’s a new trend that has emerged with Caesarstone surfaces and is increasingly becoming the popular choice in the bathroom, not just for custom-made vanities but also as a luxurious option to tiles for wall panels, floors, bath hobs, shower recesses and inset shelving. That’s why Caesarstone has remained the ideal kitchen surface; it is also a natural surface choice for the bathroom, especially with our carefully selected range of slabs. So whether you are building a new home or renovating, we’ve compiled the following reasons to use Caesarstone in the bathroom.

  • Design Potential of Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide.Caesarstone surfaces offer unlimited potential with designs and are the ideal for almost any application including vanities, bath surrounds, inset shelving, shower recesses, floor panels and window sills. These surfaces are fabricated & customized to suit the space resulting in a seamless finish, unlike tiles, which needs to be cut into odd sizes to suit the need.

  • Luxurious looks without any Hassle by Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide

  • Enveloped with marble or concrete in the bathroom apart from Quartz Benchtops in Adelaide, Caesarstone design trend that is currently reserved only for exclusive residences, but with Caesarstone, it is possible to create this look in your bathroom without the exuberant price tag. Unlike natural marble & real concrete, which are porous and need to be sealed regularly, Caesarstone surfaces are non-porous, never require sealing and maintain their lustre for years to come.

It may look and feel like natural stone, but unlike natural stone, Best Caesarstone Benchtops in Adelaide requires little to no maintenance; as there is no need for waxes or sealants. At the same time, its quartz surfaces maintain unbeatable resistance to scratches, like Marble Benchtops in Adelaide. Not only can consumers expect the same level of quality with each Caesarstone surface, but they can even expect perfectly consistent colour. Thanks to the incredibly high standards that must be met during manufacturing. But there are even more benefits beyond this that are enjoyed; as Caesarstone takes complications out of customizing and installing surfaces.